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Porra ver o amanhecer na beira da praia, ouvindo um reggae e xapads. Mlr vibe mrm

1 month ago

Camila Berri Imme

Cheguei xapads do role, sentei no sofá, comecei a assistir uma parada aqui da Globo (cidade dos homens) e já chorei com uma cena kkkkkkkk

1 month ago

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Ted Lieu

Nixon's downfall was accelerated when insiders started to turn on him. Bannon was an insider. He is turning on…

1 month ago

Scott Dworkin

If Jeff Sessions makes it harder to get weed, it’s going to make people turn to other drugs for pain medication. A…

1 month ago

Savannah LaBrant

Nothing you could ever do will make Jesus love you less. He forgives you, He loves you. Turn it all over to Him &…

1 month ago


RT @rulerofwind_sh: “When we debuted, i was 19. Now i’m already 24 and next year i’ll be half 50~” i cant believe that our baby will turn…

1 month ago