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@Cyberrat1776 not to mention starting wars by drone bombing Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. and Mali. and carrying on Afgan war. and expanding

6 years ago


#Syria #SNN | #Syria News Video | Aleppo | Marea | December 2, 2012 Civilian wounded d...: #SNN ... #Yemen @hrw_ar

6 years ago

Woop Woop

@OpTic_NaDeSHoT Nade! i just got a 21-4 snd gameplay on the map Yemen. Tweet me back if you'd be interested in using it on your channel. :p

6 years ago

Qasim Ravat

RT @Omar_Mash: As Saudi Arabia & Qatar sponsor weapons, Yemen sponsors lives. #Syria

6 years ago


I liked a @YouTube video from @deathlyiam Quick SnD on Yemen || Improvements to BO2

6 years ago

Andrea ♡

#nw Salmon fishing in the Yemen

6 years ago

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