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Paul Onder

Would you give up EVERYTHING to protect FREEDOM?........YES!

7 years ago

FeezNoWar ^^

Where are you...

7 years ago


@Slim_Guy_ lol they player hating trying to stop you from getting buckets

7 years ago

^.^ Shantell

RT @AustinTheTeen: Do you think about me like how I think about you?

7 years ago

Nashat Hassan

You need leadership in a team if you want to compete over 38 games. Players like Vidic, Kompany, Giggs etc. Chelsea lack that in abundance.

7 years ago

Ramziya Zikra

RT @PetikanLagu2: Keep Calm and Support Timnas. You are the best tonight ... (งˆ▽ˆ)ง

7 years ago

M Y R V E S ♥

RT @MyrtleGail: Good evening! RT if you're watching #TodaMax!

7 years ago

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