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Rodrigo Costa

@marcorizzo85 @jeanwyllys_real Já q não dá pra elogiar nada neste governo (q ela apoiou) então vamos elogiar o ingl…

2 weeks ago

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Best INVESTMENT: Cans of Tuna Fish. Inflation about to take off. Best investments are cans of tuna & baked beans.…

2 weeks ago


Can I just say I hate when people use the word “divide” to describe oppressive systems. The solution isn’t “unity”, it’s liberation.

2 weeks ago

Mike Pompeo

The American people are suffering price hikes & inflation, much in part to the Biden Admin’s policies. And yet, Bid…

2 weeks ago

Gaye Murray

RT @redhistorian: Has this government ever encountered a problem to which the solution is not "more power to the executive"?

2 weeks ago