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@_zara_rose neither do i. HI-5 to us. :D

7 years ago


"Didnt we giv u a long enough life so that whoever wud (hav had enough common sense 2) accept a reminder cud hav been reminded?"-Quran 35:37

7 years ago


#IHaveAlwaysWanted own alllllll Zara's shop :))

7 years ago

It's me V.V.I.Pツ

Morning oppa @ForvictoRi enjoy your breakfast :)

7 years ago

Patricia Salmeron

RT @tay_rosee: @nadineesuxx um no Zara is using waterways for the waste of hazardous toxins and causing some serious pollution

7 years ago

sass queen

according to zara i have no friends crap soz miss popular :///

7 years ago

Alyssa S†ephanie

im buying this rn i am so done

7 years ago

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