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Richard Blumenthal

Yet again, the Trump Administration is attacking the FBI & DOJ in an attempt to politicize law enforcement, interfe…

22 hours ago

Jon Levine

MSNBC just aired this footage from a speech by Judge Kavanaugh at the Columbus School of Law from 2015 👀👀 "What h…

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Fox News

.@GreggJarrett: "I find it astonishing that the @POTUS is being investigated over something that is not even remote…

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Jonah Lawrence

RT @JerryDunleavy: Just found the entire video. Skip to 4:47. Kavanaugh is discussing three "really good friends" of his from Georgetown Pr…

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Jim Treacher

RT @gabrielmalor: The full quote, which MSNBC did not include, reveals that Kavanaugh was making a joke about three "really, really good fr…

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Don't read the news. Read this. This is the man I knew.

1 week ago


Cardi has always said she was from the streets. That’s her entire profile as a rapper. It’s y’all who are shocked t…

1 week ago

Kyle Griffin

Summer Zervos made progress in her defamation case against Trump. Attorneys have signed a stipulation agreement tha…

1 week ago


RT @ZeitgeistGhost: And #MattSchlapp IS #Neocon, Head Of ACU Good catch

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フォローしてください! #nanaしてる人RT #RTした人全員フォローする

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