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Not a single day when one doesn't have to update an android/iOS app. Feel instead of rapid it should be scheduled(weekly types) updates

6 years ago

Minyonna Smith

"3 types of students: 1) That make wonders happen 2) That see wonders happen 3) That wonder, What happened?"

6 years ago

Giselle Rivas

the only reason why i don't post these types of works on IG is bc I cant screenshot it. the joy of having an android :(

6 years ago

Freelance Funnel

Freelance Android types: our subscribers just got this lead: Mobile App (apple and android) by it2o... learn more:

6 years ago


Luckily android types of phone able to change into different kinds of keyboard.

6 years ago


@Darfuq boxes or blanks  or if an android user types it it appears as chinese words haha

6 years ago

New Android apps

New #android #app: Types Of Crystals And Stones

6 years ago

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