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Evolving the Art of Overwatch. During #BlizzCon2019, the Overwatch team talked about how the game's art and techno…

1 month ago

Antonio Ledezma

A los que se preguntan ¿cómo podria Guaidó lograr la expulsion de factores invasores en Vzla? 1. A los 22 mil efect…

1 month ago

Phil Lester

This might go HORRIBLY WRONG but for my next vid I’m reacting to your green screen edits. Use these pics or the cl…

1 month ago

Rosangela GonçalveS.

RT @streetartmagic: cool street art

1 month ago

Jairo Bonfim

Limpeza e impermeabilização é com a imper_art_ #tamojunto siga e tire suas dúvidas pelo direct.

1 month ago

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