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★A3! 二周年限定スカウト★ 1/16 0:00~限定スカウト『2nd Anniversary』を配信いたします。全劇団員24名の- 新規SRになります♪なお、それぞれ【春組】【夏組】【秋組】- 【冬組】と組ごとのスカウトに分かれており…

17 hours ago

Ryan Fournier

Russia donated $0 to Donald Trump. Russia donated $145,600,000 to the Clinton Foundation. But Trump is the one under investigation... 🤔

9 hours ago

Mark Meadows

Democrats were at $0 for wall funding 3 weeks ago. Today? They're still at $0. The notion that negotiations have…

1 day ago

SP Varsity Hockey

End of the second score is 4-0! Keep it up Cards‼️

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Charlie Kirk

Did you know: Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress for 28 years with an annual salary of $193,400 So how is her net…

5 days ago


【絆】数千kmも泳いで命の恩人のもとへ毎年通うマゼランペンギンが話題に 浜辺で餓死寸前だったところを助けられて以来、毎年6月になると数千kmを泳いで男性の家までやってくるという。

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RT @MafiaLaurenJBR: SORTEIO - SPOTIFY PREMIUM (2) - REGRAS: • RT e FAV nesse tweet. • Siga e ative as notificações do @HelpAccsBR e @Maf…

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