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Loeffler Randall

First #LR12Discount is 50% off printed Rain Slip-On Booties! You've got until 7am tomorrow, then we give you No. 2!

5 years ago

twelve.o.three ( :

is it just me , or do boys not look right w/ booties ? lls

5 years ago

colleen semler

my mom got my dogs booties for the snow

5 years ago

Susie Carmichael

@iDREAMofJESSI what grey booties?

5 years ago

King Bentley

Me neither ..dem booties be feeling like a bag of bricks RT @SiX_iNCH_HEELS: @PSwaze84 Um idk I dont really care for them.

5 years ago


Spotted Wedge Booties @

5 years ago


For the first time since last winter I need my grey booties I left at @AYENayTanna house blaaaah!

5 years ago

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