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#JusticeforBreonna Prescod-Weinstein 🙅🏽‍♀️

Diversity talks generally serve to allow academics to be passive observers of the ideas of "diversity" "equality" a…

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unbreakable sword

RT @wdohwaaan: hoping dohwan's trainings go well

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RT @Ifeoma_Solanke: Hey hey, colleagues mi, can you please recommend some recognized legal magazine or online platforms that host legal tra…

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Yamiche Alcindor

Pres Trump says he will "override the governors" if they don't follow new CDC guidance and open places of worship t…

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Laura Ingraham

Uh-oh U.S. Medical Establishment: HCQ breakthrough: ICMR finds it’s effective in preventing coronavirus, expands it…

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Have I Got News For You

Richard Branson hoping to send a rocket into space this weekend, coming as a bit of a surprise to the 3,000 staff h…

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Radio 1's Big Weekend 2020 - BBC

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