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Jgh from church :)

7 years ago

Shane Meyer

BIG DAY at God's church. Not about us as individuals. Pray that a life with be changed today. #lifechangingexperience #Truegifteternallife

7 years ago

Kristi Scales

Drive Thru Nativity Scene December 9&10 6 -8 p.m. Shiloh United Methodist Church

7 years ago

Connor church

Listening to a song and going 'how do they know about my life'

7 years ago

JC Mahinay ▲

Goodnight. Church bukas. Yaaaaay.

7 years ago

.Kanyinsola Tesfaye

Just passed the Qua Iboe church of Nigeria where's Unyime loool

7 years ago

Esther Sands

@x_BeckyBoo_x Nope, I know my parents church are having one, but it's all old people so we wouldn't want to go there hahaha

7 years ago

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