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Donald J. Trump

The reason the DACA for Wall deal didn’t get done was that a ridiculous court decision from the 9th Circuit allowed…

3 weeks ago


If you thought the ridiculous Hillary email “scandal” was lock her up material but Trump revealing the identity of…

3 weeks ago

Grant Stern

BOMBSHELL: Firm link between Mark Burnett and Putin revealed. If you read the New Yorker #deepdive about Burnett,…

3 weeks ago

Matthew White

@Phil_Free_ @90percenters @Rachael_Swindon I agree with a lot of that. Yes, May sees it as her mission (although sh…

3 weeks ago


RT @RajaPurwa: QUOTE OF THE DAY Untold Story! Justru JKW deal cepat dengan Freeport supaya dapat dukungan Amerika jelang Pilpres By @Ram…

3 weeks ago

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