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Julia Ioffe

I think I speak for pretty much everyone who follows Russia for a living, Dr. Fiona Hill is pretty much the best of…

2 weeks ago

Kamala Harris

We have a criminal living in the White House. We don't just need to impeach this president, we need to bring justic…

2 weeks ago

Eric Trump

This is an absolute sham and nothing more than ego and vindictive hatred! Eddie won! Stop the BS and let this guy g…

2 weeks ago


RT @glowwwprincess: Lmao I had a serious relationship in Lagos, was even engaged and was always going to see my man. My friends were living…

2 weeks ago


RT @akalamusic: People believe themselves to be entirely ‘self made’ after receiving free education, free healthcare, subsidised housing, f…

2 weeks ago

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