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Wolf Conservation Center

Did you know that sometimes wolves sing just to make music, as we do? It's called 'social glue' - a spreading of g…

5 hours ago

Jemele Hill

How about you listen to something beyond sound bites from Dr. King’s I Have A Dream Speech. Because if you did, you…

10 hours ago

Cory Barlog 🖖

fun things I missed out on this week... didn't get a PS5 preorder... didn't get an RTX 3090 preorder... didn't get…

7 hours ago


RT @benjaminwittes: Remember when you could just assume, without even asking, that a given stranger you met did not favor locking kids in c…

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RT @lowkeyalbert: Did you know 17 muscles are activated when youre crying?? Fitness is my passion

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