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@Bern2Bern @atulkasbekar Ty for plagiarism and deceit. Original Quote "Time-lapse photography is a technique whereb…

1 month ago

alli ⁷

is everyone doing ok i feel like i need to check up on everyone bc i for one am VIBRATING AT THE HIGHEST FREQUENCY…

1 month ago

BERN - #NoWarWithIran

@ch4nd4n @atulkasbekar Time-lapse is a cinematography technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are capt…

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|| technically only like...pequod would have her codec frequency at this point. But (I assume) with enough diggin…

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Lawrence Rosier

@SolarMiner "Superconductivit- y" from Lewis Pairs (Chemistry) at room temperature achieves "exactly zero electrical…

1 month ago

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