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Keep Calm

RT @NourhOuro: C'est toi la crème

1 month ago

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Malcolm Nance

Today’s Cyberwarfare Lesson 2: Beware of this fake AltRight proTrump copy of the Washington Post website called was…

1 month ago


There's that great feeling in not sending the tweet. Conceiving of it, typing it out, deciding against it. The imme…

1 month ago

Luke Waltham

Kim Taehyung is one of the 5 finalists for the Asian Heartthrobs Award. You can vote for him on the website

1 month ago

Ian Wilfred

RT @CarolineBookBit: Caroline Vincent loves sharing the #booklove & inspiring everyone to read. Dreams and devours stories, delights in boo…

1 month ago

Marsha Garratt

@PriyamvadaGopal What i didn't know is that the term race card became really entrenched during OJ Simpsons trial, l…

1 month ago