Green Tea tweets

Elishea Boswell

In bed, Green tea and hot water bottle... #Amazing right now

8 years ago

Sonnet Lauberth

So obsessed with Trader Joes' Candy Cane Green Tea! Love this with fresh almond milk! @TraderJoesList

8 years ago

Jonathan chin

RT @yaboybillnye: smh if you not drinking green tea RIGHT NOW

8 years ago

Ms Camilla

The Green Minute: EWG’s Top Green Cleaners – “A” & “B” Rated Kitchen Cleaners RT @Green_Register

8 years ago

juu greco

Green tea and a joint

8 years ago

Alexa Layne

Now I am in the mood to watch ELF! That's what I will spend the night doing! Drinking green and peppermint tea and watching a movie!!!:)

8 years ago

jules boot mcnubbin

@pintworks green tea ice cream. No flash cause battery is low still

8 years ago

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