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Randy Hillier

Our voices make a difference. 2 CPC MPPs are calling out Ford Gov & Public Health. Last week I presented your deman…

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Scottish Government

940,697 people in Scotland have been tested for #coronavirus The total confirmed as positive has risen by 1,433 to…

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Amnesty International Malaysia

We're in a public health crisis, not a state of #emergency. A public health crisis, requires a public health respon…

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Hertfordshire County Council

Find out how Anne, a smoker of 50 years gave up smoking for good For free support and tips…

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Erin Kissane

Instead of National Coming Out Day could we please do Stop Assuming Everyone Is Straight By Default day and it’s just every day

1 week ago

Andrew Neil

So if nobody can tell, why did you claim we were owned by a billionaire? Unable to substantiate that claim, you’ve…

2 weeks ago


Sheinbaum puso en duda que la estatua de Colón, retirada para restaurarla, vuelva a Paseo de la Reforma; experto di…

1 week ago


RT @Matar_Alahmadi: أكثر مجلة سلطت الأضواء على إنجازات المرأة السعودية وأبرزتها مجلة #هي #Hia @hiamag قدمت، بكل فخر، قصص نجاح مئات النساء…

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české mobilní nebe

Uživatelů eRoušky přibývá, ale stále je jich málo. Jeden nakažený varuje 19 lidí #mobilmania

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