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Raoul Hernandez

Late-night college TV in the early 1980s – Los Angeles – looked VERY much like this (“Cal Worthington and his dog s…

4 days ago

270 Hoops 🏀

Kevin Reeves again for Academy. He gets his 8th point of the half and gets the Vikings two points closer. Worthing…

4 days ago

270 Hoops 🏀

Two made free throws from Kevin Reeves gets Columbus Academy within nine, as Worthington Christian leads 46-37 and…

4 days ago

Max Johnson

@BahaNick16 @tom_worthington @Kevin_Fong @craigthomler They keep them flying by cannibalising of course. The big pr…

5 days ago

Nick Marston

@tom_worthington @Kevin_Fong @craigthomler who don't have access to spares or upgrades....🤔

6 days ago

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