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10 Great Minimal Logos #4

1 month ago

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Microsoft to acquire @GitHub, the world’s leading software development platform.

1 month ago

Rick Wilson

Paul Manafort Update: Upside: no more GPS ankle bracelets. Downside: jailhouse showers, shivs, and terrible interi…

1 month ago


Inside a fish and chip shop—the set of the new #GucciTailoring campaign—@Harry_Styles wears a macro gingham sharksk…

1 month ago


以下はある法則で言葉が並んでいる。□の中に入るのは何か答えよ! 「ピ キャ  ファ セ サ □ レ セ ラ」 答えはこちら 正解出来たらRT

1 month ago