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New Kroger at Cityplace in Dallas changes the grocery game for in-town shoppers

10 years ago

Maddie Hyatt

The biggest accomplishment of today was finding pinwheel noodles at a little grocery store because they don't sell them at Kroger. #happy

10 years ago

justin axelson

He just loves going to the grocery store. @ Kroger

10 years ago

Zane Aveton

Shopping (& Posing!) the MECCA Grocery Store that is the new @Kroger in #UptownDallas -

10 years ago


@NateMase33_ I'm pretty sure a grocery store like Kroger or HEB sell em.

10 years ago

Selena Sage Eggnog

Kroger is a strong independent grocery store that don't need no man. #myroommatescomments

10 years ago

Sam Narrison

WOW... I forgot what a real grocery store is like (@ Kroger) [pic]:

10 years ago

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