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Dr. Sarah Bond

April 13, 128 CE: In Roman Egypt, a Roman father certifies a birth certificate which is signed #OTD on a wax tablet…

1 week ago

奥村 燐 Okumura Rin

My name means phosphorus in kanji which comes from Greek meaning "light bearer." In Latin it means Lucifer, another…

3 days ago

Will D-J

@RogSat @junodawson They’re not, people use them all the time... - cis refers to those whose gender, body and mind…

3 days ago

Silver Sable's Protegé

Also, if your school of witchcraft or witchcraft at large in your story is in Latin, it's weak. #tcas

3 days ago

claire thomas

@courtnicole99 in latin it’s confettum

3 days ago

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splash latino: *esiste* migliore amico: mi passi le frasi per domani? Splash latino:

6 days ago

Marianna Telese

almeno splash latino va. #instagramisdown #instagramdown #whatsappdown

1 week ago

Kenia Maravilla

Latino gang gang at #Coachella2019!

1 week ago

g saw tøp live❤️

raga non va splash latino mi sparo

1 week ago