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Steven Neiland

@marcesher only got one word for you... #libreoffice

8 years ago


(Post en Daboweb): LibreOffice 3.4.2

8 years ago


why does d forum label show 15 unread mail when d nested label libreoffice has 16 unread mail itself?@gmail @google

8 years ago

Iain Alexander

oh yeah I forgot, now that I've installed LibreOffice I have to wait half an hour for it to start. :(

8 years ago

Jidé - Mr Friouaire

RT @docufoundation: LibreOffice Portable 3.4.2 released: 2011-08-10_-_libreoffice_port- able_3.4.2_released #libo #tdf

8 years ago Ltd

#libreoffice LibreOffice Calc Functions and Formulas. Essential LibreOffice Calc Skills. Kindle edition. -

8 years ago

José Miguel Parrella

Save a simple ODT file in OOo 3.4 DevRel and try to open it in LibreOffice 3.4. Good luck. This is why we need a new ODF. NOW.

8 years ago

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