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Matheus Cardozo

Misco se superando a cada aula... quem disse q não tinha como piorar, então piorou !!!!

1 month ago

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Johnny Drille

We have to keep it going, no stopping now till the change happens. They will try to dismiss and play it down, we mu…

1 month ago

Chioma Agwuegbo

They waited till it got dark so we wouldn't be able to tell who shot. They're still shooting at us. In the Federal…

1 month ago

Scott Adams

Was it Dr. Fauci or Dr. Birx who taught us to remove our masks and cough in our hands? Remind me which expert he is…

1 month ago

Banani Sarkar Adhya

If someone thinks we will stop...we could have stopped in July only...if till now we are on our way to ask justice.…

1 month ago


RT @bakliwal_: At Bakliwal College, we expand our relations towards our faculty and students, presenting to you our Our Expert Advisor, @An…

1 month ago