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Back to my high protein, high fat, low/moderate carb diet. The joys of leaning out. #mealprep #chickenbreast

8 years ago

Dr Martin Kinsella

My hormone serum profile last wk cholesterol 4.2, pregnenalone moderate, DHEA high, progesterone high, estrogen low, testosterone mod- good

8 years ago

Yasir Tamizi

Iskandar Low Carbon Society. YES. Lynas High Radioactive Society. YES. His interpretation of wasatiyah(moderate).

8 years ago


Official announcement: Burger Lab is overrated. High price, moderate size and low quality taste. Try at your own risk.

8 years ago

Titan Saturn's Moon

Cassini Update: ISS observes different latitudes of Saturn's atmosphere at low, moderate & high emission angles.

8 years ago

Forever Active

High Blood Pressure - BP of 140/90 increases the risk of a heart attack. Exercises -low to moderate intensity. No heavy resistance training.

8 years ago

Rich Bennett

@JoeeParker9 varies mate. Depends on the day. Usually a carb cycle type rotation. One high, two low and one moderate rotated

8 years ago

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