Omg It Spins tweets


omg just realised if you type into google 'do a barrel roll' it spins round, im easily amused

6 years ago


Omg Brady to @danny__woodhead he runs, spins gets away from a Texan, gets hit ball pops out into the end zone & Brandon Lloyd jumps on it!

6 years ago

Eleanor Webb

Omg whyyy does the washing machine constantly sound like it's gonna take off when it spins! No hope of hearing the tv!

6 years ago

laughs (〃 ̄ヘ ̄〃ゞ

omg the sandy figure from the happy meal is so cool it spins with magnetism and stuff aaaaaa

6 years ago

Andrzej Tucholski

@BBCR1 @huwstephens almost like this guy :))

6 years ago

Rachel B.

@EmmaAlaina I was like "Why did she take a video of--OH MY GOD IT SPINS. OMG PRETTY. I WANT ONE. REPLAY."

6 years ago

Katie H.

Omg wait it spins and the lights blink to the beat of the music

6 years ago

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