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@Odhii Beautiful lines. Are you into shayari?

7 years ago

Shah Alam

@Javedakhtarjadu It is long to see your shayari on here.. If someone did mistake then I am sorry from his side or her side...

7 years ago

arjun shah

I understand shayari's....but when I try my hand @ turns into a joke !

7 years ago


#personalfavorate drivng thru city lane, admist dark dust & rain, my eyes set on her face, a year of pain was worth a wait. english #shayari

7 years ago

Muddassir Hussain

@Fatematweets smashing it with the shayari jio!

7 years ago


Just Share It Mail Shayari

7 years ago

Sαвι̊нαн | السيدة

Why is December used so much in Urdu dukh bhari shayari?

7 years ago

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