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@BankofAmerica We must stop @BankofAmerica from rescuing the gun manufacturer that built the assault weapon used to…

1 month ago

Ari Melber

So Cohen’s legal exposure now turns on: Did he lie to banks about this (Bank Fraud Act) Did he lie to New York St…

1 month ago

Birmingham Updates

This is the state of Cannon Hill Park after the glorious bank holiday weekend. What’s so difficult about taking you…

1 month ago

Amy Willard

@CaliSuds In case you weren’t aware those bank accounts were from a different Micheal Cohen . Stormy’s Attorney is…

1 month ago

ian buckley

RT @JamesMelville: Lovely Bank Holiday sunshine across Britain. Please don't look at the Sun. It's bad for you even if you briefly look at…

1 month ago

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