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Jared Benson

You can blame the ticket exchange run by @Ticketmaster for the empty seats. Their greed wouldn’t allow for sellers…

1 week ago

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Elon Musk

Did you know Apple puts a secret 30% tax on everything you buy through their App Store?

1 week ago

Dave Rubin

Absolutely insane watching The Machine go after @elonmusk for defending free speech. This whole exchange is kabuki…

1 week ago


[#2022MAMA_Moment] WORLDWIDE FANS' CHOICE #treasure @ygtreasuremaker Big Congrats to them! The Great Winner of Ton…

6 days ago


RT @dotjjpg: found out these musical festivals are just generated by oomfs spotifys why I looked up how to buy tickets….…

5 days ago


@FightHaven Ah yes, it gives me great pleasure to see karma come into play.

5 days ago