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sylvie miner

What timepieces out there for sale took 10 years to create? My Heart Rock Clocks are a part of my life. Now they can be a part of yours...


9 years ago

Luke Wessman

People are really into these old fashion timepieces these days #tattoottrends #imadethistoday http://t.co/Qyu7Npp8


9 years ago


Check out this great item: BURBERRY Timepieces Antarctic Pyramid Bracelet Watch BU5351 http://t.co/qN89TYwJ


9 years ago

Luxury Wristwatch

low price #luxury timepieces | FreePBXreality #luxury different watches will probably be expensive, as a result... http://t.co/sd4UHcqy


9 years ago

Cara Payne

RT @Pippatips: #PippaTip: on a clock or watch, the small pointy thing usually denotes hours & the larger one minutes. Save time by u ...


9 years ago

Roland Johnson

Do you like watches? Check out @HaroldPinchbeck for luxury English timepieces. I shall let the products speak for themselves.


9 years ago

Virtuous Lyricist

She said I look like a gypsy with all these timepieces **


9 years ago

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