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RT @Dexerto: 🗣️ @TimTheTatman revealing his new Jeep: "I don't need the step…” 😂 Also Tim:

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RT @TheKiffness: If it were a white woman creating these outrageous rules, I would’ve made the exact same song. But this is the reality o…

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Precision Paintball, LLC

No paintball gear of your own? No problem! Precision Paintball offers high quality rental packages featuring the Ti…

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RT @blaustoise:

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George Papadopoulos

Obamagate is finally in the headlines. You want the true story? I lived it. I have decided to make signed copies of…

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Dan Bongino

This daily tweet of mine drives liberals to madness. Largely because they absolutely know it’s true. Join me in tw…

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Richard Grenell

The entire story isn’t true. And your response is scary - you don’t believe the campaign denial nor mine. But claim…

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Major General Daniel Dalyop

LOL Bro, You Know It Is True, Don't Even Deny It. The Sources Of Easy Money Have Been Blocked And Your Guy Can't Su…

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Juan Mendez

@Paige_Turnah Is My #WCW I Love Her Adidas Outfit & Paige's Beautiful Lovely Tummy. She Looks Like a True Goddess i…

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