Tokyo University tweets


UN, WHO and Tokyo University find no health effects on people near Fukushima.

7 years ago


We hold Tokyo International University student meeting.

7 years ago

York International

#YorkU students can study at Keio University in Tokyo.

7 years ago

Anindya Kusuma Putri

@mariko0420 nice to see you too :) before DO, I know some people from Sophia, Tokyo, Nagoya, Nagoya City, Kyoto, & Keio University :)

7 years ago


@jinilyn Da. But not illegal. And my family have it. Their baby is so clever then studied at Tokyo university.

7 years ago


Nothing amazes me more than a creating human mind. #Respect #Tokyo #University #Engineering #Robotics #Science by al6ayb ...

7 years ago


Something said to me . Are you my fiance in the age of Tokyo University student? your and me have similer blood. It's good for us now.

7 years ago

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