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Latest tweets that mention “Gigabeat – THE SOURSE FOR AUDIO BUYING ADVICE”

Rudy Giuliani

Schiff is thanking him for his secret testimony and for giving advice to two countries. I thought he worked for US.…

1 month ago

José Simão

“MP não fez perícia para apurar se algum áudio foi excluído do sistema do condomìnio” A promotora é bolsonarista! E…

1 month ago

The New York Times

Google is buying Fitbit, the maker of fitness-tracking devices, for $2.1 billion as the world’s largest tech compan…

1 month ago

Sherborne Turf

Why leave all the fun of tree houses to children? James Alexander-Sinclair has never lost the urge to sleep among t…

1 month ago

Cryptic Inquiry

RT @scottjshapiro: One of the best pieces of advice I ever got about writing was to just write. Even if it’s horrible, just start. You can…

1 month ago