Ups tweets

Jake Watkins

RT @kellandpriest: I've been with the #Dawgs through the ups and downs. #OurTeam #OurTime #NoRegrets #GoDawgs

8 years ago

January 14, 2013

Big ups ****** to my little twins sisters in the parade today. Wish I could be there but have to work.. #Twirle

8 years ago

Sydney Burns

@ReedDeming did you ever do the sit ups from Instagram? haha #thatdbefun

8 years ago

michele ferreira

@justinbieber despite the ups and downs we live, we are here, and today I'm proud of everything we have achieved

8 years ago

December 23

RT @DyaminBlu: So many ups and downs with the NFL this season!

8 years ago


We Have Our Ups And Downs But Look How Far We Made It Babe . I Love You To The Moon & Beyond & I Miss You Like Crazy .

8 years ago


RT @Carl_BeDoin_Him: Errbody goes thru ups nd.dwns but my I want my ups to outway my dwnfalls

8 years ago

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