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gershon moses

@MTN180 I have an active sub but my FB is still in freebasic mode if I try to view it is asking me to subscribe for…

8 hours ago


puñeta na freebasic kasi

3 days ago

Vassilis Poulopoulos

@bmcnett Have a look a FreeBasic as well. Can get decent IDEs too.

5 days ago


COBOLやFORTRANよりも、PASCALの方が教科書- で教えないといけない言語だろ(違う 本当はGO言語やけど- (おぃ 教材で使える無料の言語ならFreePASCALや- FreeBASICもあるんだよ…

5 days ago

Christopher D. Long

I've had some frustrations with Swift e.g. I gave up trying to decipher the internal representation of a Swift arra…

1 week ago

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