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A Gentle Reign

my friends: *having fun, either at Pride or disrupting Pride* me: *by myself, researching how to counterfeit a republic of tea flavor*

13 hours ago


@RachTaughtYou The Republic of Tea is a really good brand too... I love everything they make.

13 hours ago

David Payne

@DRCONTREIRAS1 accepted the top spot for Utah and most of the West in The Tea Party to take down threats to our R…

23 hours ago

Conservative of AZ

RT @OBgynFl: This is a great article explaining why Illinois is failing. If you tax the rich they move and businesses do to.…

1 day ago


@balajireal @kadi_Ninda2 @republic Minority ain't ltd to just muslims here but include certain tribes, tea workers…

1 day ago

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